Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: "Acrylic Nails"

One thing I have always loved, is a good set of polished nails. While I was pregnant with my daughter, my coworkers would tease me that my frequent nail painting days would be over once I had my child. I refused for that to be true.  I've had to get creative and maybe lose an extra hour or two of sleep, but I've managed to (for the most part) keep up with that goal! 

My favorite method is the (at home) gel mani. But more on this another day! Over the years I've had my share of acrylic nails. I have great natural nails, but there's just something about acrylics....call me crazy. Once the kiddos came along, going out for mani's was a thing of the past. And being the nail freak I am, I started finding other ways to continue to keep my nails "salon fresh". 

Enter "drug store" acrylics. I've tried a few brands and not all are the same quality. My favorite has been the Kiss Everlasting French. There are two types that I alternate between. The "French Petites" (these are very short in length, rounded tips, and have a more opaque pink color) and the "French White tip Squared" (these are still shorter in length, but have a squared tip, and a more clear nail color, which when the glue is applied it looks more "pink and white"). 

<<You need about 15 minutes to do this. If you haven't done this before, I'd give yourself maybe a little more time. You are dealing with nail GLUE so you don't want to risk getting stuck to anything, haha>>

Each pack comes with around 24 nails, so you'll find a perfect match for each nail. Go through the nails and fit each finger. Then line them up in order by finger, so you don't forget which goes to what finger! (the nails are numbered so it's easy to find the "pairs")

Lightly buff your natural nail with the nail file. This will help the glue adhere to your nail better. 

Apply a small amount of glue to the top of your nail and a small layer to the fake nail. Gently press onto your nail. Be careful not to glue your fingers together!! 

Continue to do this until all fingers have a nail.

Pop the number tabs off of the tip of your nails and take the nail file and smooth the tip. 

Admire your beautiful "french mani" :) 

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