Friday, June 27, 2014

Clothing Staples

 In order to have a balanced wardrobe, you need to have some foundational pieces. These pieces can be mixed and matched together, or worn on their own. Here are items that I feel are a MUST HAVE in every one's closet....

1. Skinny Denim
I certainly am not thin but these are my FAVORITE style. There are different versions of "skinny" jeans as well, so if you try on one pair and they don't work, just try another!

2. Leopard Flats
Pointy-toed, rounded, whichever you like. I'd say both! They can be dressed up or down. Leopard is the new black ;)

3. White Denim 
"No white before Easter or after Labor Day" has been thrown out the window. Don't be afraid to wear white year-round!

4. A Chambray Top
What can I say about chambray other than I LOVE IT. It can be worn so many different ways and the material is SO SOFT. 

5. White Tshirt and/or top
Never underestimate a nice, white tee. V neck, rounded, or both :) 

6. Denim Jacket 
Everyone loves a denim jacket!

7. Military Jacket 
This might be a little more on the "trendy" side, but I think they're here to stay for a bit. They look good on everyone.

8. A "Little Black Dress"
I'm not talking fancy either. A simple, black cotton one will do. Long or short. Much can be done with this piece! 

9. Maxi skirt
So comfortable and versatile. Solid or striped. They can be dressed up or down. 

Once you have these pieces in your closet, it will be SO much easier to put together an outfit. Even though I am ALWAYS on the lookout for sales and bargains, there are some items that are worth it to pay full price (especially if it's something that you'll be able to wear for awhile). In my opinion, denim and shoes definitely fall into this category. You wear them the most, therefore they need to be decent quality to stand the constant use. 

Now that you have your list, keep an eye out for what you need when you go shopping!


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